M a h a r i s h i  V i d y a  M a n d i r 

(A unit of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Group of Schools)

"The purpose of education is to make man orderly within himself as well
as an orderly unit of his family, his society, his nation and the world."


"We must achieve quickly, because anything that
is delayed is eaten up by time."



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Maharishi Vidya Mandir
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(A unit of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Group of Schools)
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Sri Chaitanya Integrated IIT coaching programme

          The School is giving extensive coaching for IIT-JEE, Medical, Olympiad & other competitive entrance exams. Students of VI, VII, VIII and IX.

      Shall select IIT & NIT entrance training (Techno Vision Varsity Classes) offered by Sri Chaitanya Institute-Hyderabad. These classes are handled by our staffs who are well trained to handle Chaitanya classes.

EZ Vidya:

         One of the biggest challenges for schools is to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in the world around us, like the path breaking research happening in education and child-psychology or even policy changes. EZ Vidya works closely with schools on area such as teacher empowerment, Curricular development and enhancing administrative processes to suit the dynamic and complex needs of the 21st century.


         Only Success Leadership Academy is exclusively programmed to implant and improve the leadership qualities among students. Identifying and improving the right resources and capabilities of an individual sets the degree of achievement and brilliance. In order to inculcate leadership qualities in students, MVM offers OSLA (Only Success Leadership Academy) classes as part of Curricular.

British council:

          The School has a Tablet Lab. This was done in association with the British Council, the Curricular Company and the educational wing of British High Commission. The Tablet based learning platform enables a teacher to conduct an engaging class by empowering them with the apt tool.
Lions quest:

          The Lions Quest Skills for Growing is a comprehensive program that integrates character education, social and emotional learning, drug and bullying prevention, and service-learning. Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is a comprehensive life skills and prevention program that helps middle school youth, parents and teachers cope with the physical, emotional and social challenge of early adolescent years.


          Guru Swara is the first of its Kind online music learning solution for vocal excellence that has been developed to revolutionise and transform Classical music learning and practicing methodology.

Reynolds handwriting:

          Good handwriting is essential for a student whose writing should be eligible and neat. A student whose handwriting is illegible and messy will find it difficult to score marks in the exam since the teachers will not be able to understand what he/she has written. Taking down notes during lectures and completing examinations within the allotted time requires speed as well as neatness. MVM offers handwriting classes in association With Reynolds Home away home